Do you need assistance in locating social services in our community?

Visit, an online database that allows Monroe County residents to find the help they need including emergency housing, mental health access, food pantries, substance use recovery options, and more. Simply type in your zip code to get started and get connected.


One of the critical problems identified by the coalition was the lack of a place to take someone in crisis that isn’t jail or the hospital. Often, people in crisis simply need a safe place to go with trained professionals that can offer the support and services they may need. This could be as simple as finding a shower a hot meal or arranging a warm handoff to another services organization in the community. The coalition successfully raised funds to create and operate a new crisis center for three years, with the help of a matching grant from IU Health Foundation. The funds were raised from a combination of private, public, and not-for-profit institutions, such as Cook Medical, Bloomington Health Foundation, Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County, and the Monroe County Government, which is indicative of the efforts to align the full community around these initiatives. A donation to the Monroe County Crisis Diversion Center will help to keep initiatives like these funded, and future initiatives possible.


Founded in 2017 as a group of public, private, and not-for-profit organizations, the Stride Coalition collectively aims to make positive changes in how we recognize and treat substance use disorder in Monroe County. The coalition was formed when certain leaders in the community recognized that while there are a significant amount of resources available for those with substance use disorder in Monroe County, those resources weren’t well connected or aligned. The Stride Coalition has been meeting for over two years now, and with two key achievements underway, we are determined to continue working together to make an impact in our community.

  • Deputy Mayor, City of Bloomington
  • Mayor, City of Bloomington
  • Monroe County Council
  • Monroe County Health Dept.
  • Monroe County Jail Think Tank
  • Monroe County Pathways
  • Monroe County Probation
  • Monroe County Public Defenders Office
  • Monroe County Sheriff's Office

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